Lauren Dunn
Zoom in, zoom out

Image taken by me using the screen shot function: First online Victorian College of the Arts Art Forum by artist Simone Slee Melbourne Australia Zoom 26 March 2020

NB: I did not ask permission to use this image

Zoom in, Zoom out
The politics of Zoom from a perspective during a pandemic
Melbourne Australia 2020

‘We would never go to this but we get to be there”
Connecting, distance, opportunities, cameras, private interiors, framing

“I find it odd when they dance in front of the screen but I give in and give it a go”
Letting go, virtual narcotics, new norms

“Maybe I need more therapy or are these sleepless nights from the blue light?”
Moderation, empty streets, silence, self verification

“Its not high definition anything, its a window”

“What day is it?”
Lost times, restrictions, empty spaces, delayed texts, bottomless wine

August 2020
“Maybe I’ll cancel my subscription to limit meetings to 45 mins?”
8pm, productivity, the future, 3 dimensions