Josephine Mead
To turn to the ear and punctuate

Hi Grace 🙂

Thank you for sending through such beautiful and thoughtful works. My response is a bit random/quickly thrown together, but hopefully it will provide some new thoughts..

I have CCd in Annika as she would like to re-join the prompt exchange. I will send an email to you in the next few days, Annika to show you the work Grace and I have produced so far…

The footage of the Spanish town being taken over by seafoam is amazing. It makes me think of Pompeii being engulfed in volcanic ash. As devastating as the effects of such a thing is to human life, there is something soothing in the idea of being blanketed in warm ash and being stilled by history. The ash is often referred to as the thing that allowed a “snapshot” of Roman life to be viewable - it seems that even prior to photography, we are in photographic realms…

I love the three works that you sent through. They are beautiful. They made me want to continue to focus more on ideas of sea foam/the sea - which is strange as this week I moved house, away from the water. I started the week by making a digital soundscore to connect to the images and to connect to the sea. (I was watching a lot of footage of the protests in the US while making it and I think it also relates to the deafening sounds of pain and violence that have engulfed so many cities at the moment). The imagery that accompanies it was made from a photograph from one of my daily beach walks:

The rest of my week got swept up in house-moving, so I am feeling very discombobulated and I have only just got back to thinking about your prompt now. I was struck by the image of the hand in one of your works and created the work attached from footage of my hands playing the theremin. It’s interesting to think of the power of the artist’s hands, the idea of the wellbeing of the people we love being “in our hands”/ the idea of being held by hands. (This is especially interesting as the last few weeks have been filled with some anxiety for me as I have been struggling with wrist pain from making work on the computer.) You can listen to the work here: https://www.anactofdeeplistening.com/theremin-score.html

I watch the footage of the seafoam and wonder how capable of engulfing one another (emotionally) we are…. I seem to be prone to being engulfed (completely)….

past tense: engulfed; past participle: engulfed
1.(of a natural force) sweep over (something) so as to surround or cover it completely.
the cafe was engulfed in flames
Similar: inundate, flood, deluge, immerse, swamp, wash out, swallow up, submerge, bury, envelop, snow under, overtake, overwhelm, overrun
2. powerfully affect (someone); overwhelm.
a feeling of anguish so great that it threatened to engulf him.

I am thinking about what I will do for my contribution to the publication and am thinking through the relationships between ideas of love, punctuation and the image. I have been experimenting with putting punctuation marks across my images - thinking of punctuation as a breathing tool. I think I will punctuate my images for the publication with punctuation marks!… 🙂 I’m also searching for a definition that can be related to the notion of love and the notion of the image, simultaneously…

I don’t know if any of that made sense! But the main point of this email is that getting a theremin was the best decision I have made in my life so far… 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful, restful start to the week.